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Smart & Stylish Design Tips from an Extremely Tiny Bedroom

Extremely tiny bedrooms—like, not much bigger than the bed small—can be a challenge to decorate and arrange when you want to have a room that functions well and looks good. But Lisa Tilse of the blog We Are Scout made some smart and stylish decisions in her teenage daughter Roxy’s tiny bedroom.

(Image credit: Lisa Tilse )

From Lisa of We Are Scout:

The room is TINY! It measures 6.5 x 8.75 feet—which is just enough space for a double bed to fit across. And the bed takes up more than half the floor space! Roxy wanted to have a comfy teen retreat that feels grown up but still cool. She asked for a larger bed so that she could hang out and chat with her friends, and just be able to flop onto and relax.

(Image credit: Lisa Tilse )

I chose the Ikea TARVA double bed because of its simple design and I assembled it without the headboard. Instead I hung an Ikea MANDAL headboard (cut to fit the space) on the back wall as a feature. Running along the side of the bed, the wooden headboard is a practical solution for storage, a textural focal point, and it looks like a wall feature rather than a headboard.

(Image credit: Lisa Tilse )

The ceilings in our apartment are 11 feet high, so to balance the vertical space I created horizontal features to visually widen the room. The aqua half-wall, the wooden headboard running along the length of the bed, and the soft pink mural wall that finishes in line with the picture rails, are all horizontal lines that lead your eye around the room and keep the space grounded. Two string planters hang from the ceiling to add some interest higher up, and visually link the high wall and ceiling spaces with the rest of the room.

(Image credit: Lisa Tilse )

My girl is an avid reader, so bookshelves were a non negotiable inclusion in her new teen retreat. Vertical bookshelves are great for tiny rooms – you can fit a lot on them without compromising on floor space. The Ikea FJALKINGE shelves are perfect for this bedroom because they fit neatly behind the inward-opening French doors, and despite taking up minimal floor space, the height and the two drawers make them super practical. The open framework gives the shelves a lightness that helps open up the room. A solid piece of furniture would look heavy and too dominant in this small space.

(Image credit: Lisa Tilse )

I decided against wall mounted cupboards because they would only make the room seem smaller. We are using the space under the bed for storage and everything else fits neatly in Ikea VARDO storage boxes. The boxes have covers to keep the dust out, and wheels so they roll in and out easily without damaging the floor.

(Image credit: Lisa Tilse )

As the bed is the feature of the room choosing the right bed linen was important. We opted for layers of bright colours and minimal pattern, so it looks cosy and textured but not busy. The star of the show – all the bed linen – is from Australian brand Kip & Co.

What’s great about Kip & Co products is that the stunning colour palette is so expertly curated that you can mix and match pretty much anything—all the colours and patterns—and they’ll work together. On Roxy’s bed we mixed and matched and clashed soft rose, mustard, emerald, teal, pink, peach, grape and hot pink… and it looks incredible. The quirky and cool limited edition Banana Bunch wall hanging is also from Kip & Co.

Thanks Lisa and Roxy!

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