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Phoebe’s Painted & Personal Living Room

Name & Location: Phoebe in North Carolina

My Favorite Room: Living Room
Specs: 200 square feet in a rental

When my husband and I first got married and moved into our first apartment, I was not too sure what my decor style was. My husband did not really care, as long as he had his flat screen TV for football and a couch, he was fine.

Me on the other hand, I needed my home to be beautiful. Farm style/ shabby chic was very much popular. From wedding decor to home decor I felt everywhere I turned it was distressed this, rustic that; so I assumed because I thought it was pretty it was what my home should look like. So I bought EVERYTHING that screamed farm style, and I bought it all at once. MISTAKE. I slowly started to realize farm style, although absolutely beautiful was not who I was when it came to decor. So when we moved to our current apartment I got rid of A LOT. Almost everything we bought to achieve a rustic look, we ended up selling or giving to friends.

We only brought what we needed which was; a couch, coffee table, an end table my in-laws gave us, a $10 TV stand we found at a thrift store and white washed, an old rusted filing cabinet I found at Habitat For Humanity, and stuff my husband and I had that was passed down to us (dresser, bed, nightstands, the basic things). So needless to say we had a blank slate, and I LOVED it. I wanted to take things slow when it came to decorating. I started off painting the couch my in-laws gave us. Yes you read correct, PAINTED. I mixed some latex paint with textile medium and brushed it right onto our couch. It turned a very brown and traditional couch into a beautiful simple grey couch. I then found this retro velvet green chair at an antique mall and bargained with the owner until I got the price down to $40. Let me just say, I am OBSESSED with this chair. It is so funky and eclectic.

Then I refurbished our end table from my in-laws. When we received it, it was a deep cherry wood color that was not our style so I painted it an antique white and distressed it a bit and stenciled our initials on the top to add a little personal touch to it. Then came our coffee table which I refurbished and I LOVE now! When we received it, it was a simple oak color. So I painted the base an antique white to match the end table and then bought some wood at our local hardware store and attached it to the top of the coffee table and then stained the wood antique walnut. I wanted something that had a raw and rustic feel yet was simple because I found a very bright and very loud rug on Amazon and did not want a coffee table to take away from our rug.I was searching for a rug for so long, and I am in love with Persian rugs but my bank account is not! They are expensive! So I found a company on Amazon that does Persian style rugs (design/pattern) on the normal fabric of your basic style rug. So I got the Persian style without the Persian price.

My last two projects were to paint a vintage wingback chair I found in our neighborhood bulk dumpster! The dumpster was for furniture only, so don’t worry I didn’t jump in and get covered in banana peels like in the movies. This chair was gorgeous and in amazing condition. I still do not know why someone would toss it in the trash. It was a dark navy blue color and I wanted something that was WOW worthy. So like our couch, I decided to paint it a bright teal color and I am so happy with how it came out. Then, to bring all of our eclectic items together, I made the courageous decision to paint our accent wall black. Not a color most would think of doing, but I love how it not only makes our very well lit and smaller room taller but it ties everything together and makes our hand-me-down, thrift store, dumpster finds, refurbished items look uniformed.

I am so happy that I took the time to think about what my style was, and that is eclectic, different, chic, funky, fun, all in one. These items in our home tell a story, they have meaning and that, I believe, is what makes a home…HOME!

Thanks, Phoebe!

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