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‘Non-Kitchen’ Kitchen in Montreal Showcases Souvenirs

An ode to travels and souvenirs, this kitchen renovation in Montreal, Canada, began with a deep desire to inundate the space with memories of the owner’s adventures. The result (as delivered by Cuisines Steam) is a sleek, dynamic kitchen that is not only highly personalized, but tells the story of the unique objects that it houses.

“The direction of the project was very clear from the first meeting, as the client expressed her desire to have a kitchen that didn’t look like a kitchen: a ‘non-kitchen’ kitchen, to be exact,” the designers said.

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“A large portion of our initial meeting was dedicated to discussing the personal stories behind the impressive quantity of sculptures, rocks, baskets and various artifacts that were acquired during extensive travels and are displayed throughout the client’s home,” the designers said.

“It was crystal clear at that moment that those stories and memories are what the kitchen needed to reflect. Those special objects needed a space in order to come to life.” The result is a space with an array of objects that can be moved and replaced on a whim.

In the center of it all is a table that continues outside, bringing nature indoors. The focal point of the space, it is topped with the same solid stone that is found on the floor and in the sink. Paired with black and white cabinets, a harmonious relationship is developed. [Information provided by Cuisines Steam; photography by Mario Dubreuil]

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