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Love Cookbooks? You’ll Like These Mini Kitchen Libraries In cabinets, nooks and niches, new and dog-eared cookbooks keep their place in today’s digital world

I made my daughter and her friend pancakes from scratch recently, using a dilapidated copy of The Joy of Cooking. My grandmother bought it in the 1950s, and though pages often fall on the floor, I cook from that book as often as I can. Despite the endless recipe options the internet provides, one of my most prized possessions is that tattered cookbook. I mean, how else would I know how to dress roadkill or cook a squirrel during a zombie apocalypse? (Seriously, it’s in there.)

Though the tablet has replaced hardcover cookbooks in countless kitchens worldwide, there are still legions of cooks who prefer the dog-eared, ingredient-splattered pages of their go-to favorites. Here are clever ways to keep your beloved cookbooks and family recipes close and well organized.

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