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Isaac’s Modern & Playful San Francisco Apartment

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Name: Isaac Orloff and his dogs, Sammy and Roo
Location: Dogpatch — San Francisco, California
Size: 900 square feet
Years lived in: 2 months

Animator Isaac Orloff and his two pups, Sammy and Roo, have found a home in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. Having kept an eye out for an apartment in the city that was affordable, dog-friendly, and stylish for years, Isaac was able to land this triple-threat abode just two months ago. By making the right investments in his new modern, luxurious apartment, he has taken the opportunity mix in his collection of art and furniture.

Some of Isaac’s proudest investments so far have been the red Eames chairs from Design Within Reach in the dining room. Their mid-century modern lines and pops of color are just the right complement to Isaac’s art collection and interior design sensibilities. With the living room doubling as his workspace—Isaac is an animator—he has made an effort to keep both areas organized. The big windows of the room allow for optimal morning and afternoon light. We look forward to following Isaac as he continues to settle in to such a well-appointed, thoroughly modern bachelor pad, with Sammy and Roo in tow.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Modern/Industrial with Pops of Color

Inspiration: I like interiors and spaces that reflect personality and functionality. There are countless spaces that could be cut out of magazines that all look amazing, but say nothing about who lives there. I like spaces with character, I love getting to know what a person’s interests are and how they interact with their space just by looking at their environment. I love the clean iconic design of furniture from DWR, especially when it’s placed against raw materials . Deep down I think my look is highly defined by the search for contrast.

Favorite Element: Tied between red Eames chairs and my flat files.

Biggest Challenge: The only thing more expensive than furniture is trying to afford something bigger than a shoebox in San Francisco.

What Friends Say: I get things like, “Oh you fancy huh?” or, “This is really nice for a single guy.” I also hear whispers about how much things cost and how crazy it is to spend money on furniture. Curating a space isn’t for everyone, but there’s nothing like coming home to a place that puts a grin on your face.

Biggest Embarrassment: Dog hair. Everywhere. You might even have some on you from looking at this.

Proudest DIY: Sadly I don’t “DIY” much. My schedule doesn’t allow for it, or i just don’t have the patience. I will say that in my seemingly clean apartment, I find ways to store massive amounts of outdoors equipment. At the drop of a hat, I could take off on a variety of adventures and be fully equipped. Hiding this amount of gear is no small feat. So I consider puzzle-piecing my closet space together my best DIY accomplishment.

Biggest Indulgence: Furniture-wise, my biggest indulgence was my red Eames chairs. I don’t regret it for a moment and I’d love to have more if I hit the lottery some day.

Best Advice: Making a space look exciting doesn’t take that much more effort than one that doesn’t. It’s easy to find things you like; however, I find that buying things I like doesn’t always result in the look I’m going for. A couple apartments ago, I was all about the reclaimed wood look. Everything I would buy was wood. Sooner or later, I realized that I was living in a weird lumberyard looking apartment. When I actually thought about it, it wasn’t just the wood I liked, it was the contrast between the wood and the clean bright surfaces I would see with it. It’s the “why” not the “what” sometimes. Always look for the “why.”

Dream Sources: An unlimited gift card to DWR. I’m coming for you, molded plywood chairs.



  • Workspace wall: Benjamin Moore 1621 Little Falls
  • Color consultation: Amy Wax


  • Flat files: Therapy (now located in Alameda)
  • Apple crates: farmers’ market in Baltimore, MD
  • Light: CB2
  • Fan: Alameda Flea Market
  • Clock: Newgate Clocks
  • Coffee table: Great Stuff By Paul in Frederick, MD
  • Couch: Su Casa in Baltimore, MD
  • Tray: West Elm
  • Shelf: CB2
  • Plants: Succulence in San Francisco


  • Table: CB2
  • Chairs: Design Within Reach
  • Vase: CB2
  • Bird: West Elm
  • Coasters: DIY! (one and only)


  • Toaster: Create & Barrel
  • Jars: IKEA
  • Plants: IKEA
  • Dishes: Fiestaware from Macy’s
  • Rug: FLOR
  • Knife holder: Bodum
  • Art: Willie Real


  • Bed: Su Casa in Baltimore, MD
  • Bedding: West Elm
  • Light: Pottery Barn
  • Drum: souvenir from Israel
  • Ladder: Gypsy Farmhouse in New Jersey
  • Dresser: IKEA
  • Plants: IKEA, Succulence in San Francisco
  • Spotlight: Su Casa in Baltimore, MD
  • Table light: Restoration Hardware
  • Dog hair: Roo and Sammy
  • Pet portraits: Denis Orloff
  • Art: Mark Mcdonnell


  • Desk: Crate & Barrel
  • Shelving: IKEA
  • Computer: iMac w/Wacom CINTIQ 21UX
  • Light: West Elm
  • Blocks: House Industries
  • Art: KidRobot, Pixar, Imaginism Studios, Mike Lee, Betsy Bauer, Marceline Tanguay, Justin Rodriguez, Elsa Chang, Ryan Wood


  • Accessories: CB2
  • Towels: CB2 + Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Shower Curtain: West Elm
  • Hamper: CB2
  • Art: Pascal Campion

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