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An Irregularly Shaped Office That Sits Above the Treetops

The design of the cm2 offices, a construction and interior design company in Mexico City, was led by Taller Leticia Serrano who created a visually dynamic workspace that appears to float above the trees. The offices are located on the fifth floor of a building that overlooks the woods of Chapultepec Park so the views were a high priority.


The office is spread out over 200 square meters in an irregular shape, making design options a little more challenging. Suspended ceilings weren’t allowed and nothing could alter the metal and glass facades or concrete walls, which meant everything had to be self-supporting. They also had to find ways to hide unsightly wires.


The client insisted that every employee should have natural light and ventilation, as well as having every workstation be the same within an open plan environment.


Wooden partitions and glass panels help divide the space without making it feel closed in or closing the spaces off.


The color palette and material choices reflect the woodsy location, with the use of wood, metal, and stone, and green being the accent color.





Photos by Pedro Hiriar

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