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Before & After: Boring Beige Bathroom Gets a New Lease on Life


You may remember Ellen and Ben, the first-time Brooklyn homeowners who, instead of remodeling their kitchen, decided to tackle their master bath as their very first renovating project. Feeling more than satisfied with the results of that remodel, they decided to go with the same contractor for their second bathroom, although they elected to take the design in a slightly different direction.


The main goal for the remodel was to create a bathroom that felt as fresh, clean, and spacious as possible, all while working inside the confines of the existing space. Ellen and Ben chose to replace the existing vanity with a new wall-mounted sink, which frees up a few square feet of floor, and also helps the bathroom feel much larger by allowing the eye to move through the space. A towel bar on the underside of the sink is both clever and handy.


New built-in shelving helps to recoup some of the lost undersink storage. As in their other bathroom, Ellen and Ben decided to go for a frosted glass door, which preserves privacy but also lets a little natural light into the windowless bathroom. Wrapping the hot water pipe in rope prevents burns and adds a little natural texture.

(Image credit: Sweeten)

Using the same tile (a beautiful matte penny tile) on the floor, walls, and tub surround helps to unite the space. The mirror is recessed back a bit from the rest of the wall, which helps to set it off in a simple, modern way. The marble shelf along the bottom is a nice detail.

(Image credit: Sweeten)

Using light grey grout with the white tile adds a little bit of texture and a subtle variation to an all-white space.

Ellen and Ben found their contractor, Alan, through Sweeten, a resource that connects New York-area homeowners with designers, architects, and contractors. You can read more about this project and see more photos and sources on the Sweeten blog.


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