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5 Ideas to Steal from a High-Contrast Kitchen

Maybe you’re designing your dream kitchen and you can’t decide whether you want upper cabinets or open shelving, white cabinets or dark ones, butcherblock countertops or marble. Well, what if you didn’t have to decide at all? Blogger Kate Arends, of Wit & Delight, created a kitchen that masterfully mixes all kinds of opposites. Here are five ideas worth stealing from this lovely space.

The combination of open shelving and upper cabinets.
Open shelving is a hugely popular, and hugely controversial, design choice in kitchens right now. On the plus side, open shelving is a great way to free your kitchen from the visual weight of upper cabinets. On the other side, open shelving means every single thing you store above waist height has to be something you want to look at all the time. If you’re drawn to both, why not mix them up?

The bold mix of opposites.
The mix of black and white cabinets and marble and butcherblock countertops together speaks more powerfully than any one of these elements would on their own.

Hidden appliances.
Custom panels help the refrigerator and dishwasher to blend in with the cabinets, which gives the kitchen a more unified, streamlined look. And the black oven, the only appliance that isn’t concealed, fits neatly into the kitchen’s black/white aesthetic, which avoids introducing yet another finish into the mix.

A custom range hood.
The popularity of open shelving means that the range hood, once neatly concealed within the upper cabinets, is suddenly front and center. Kate decided on a custom range hood in a very simple, modern style, which complements but doesn’t compete with her LaCanache French range.

That floor.
The floor is a great place to add a little bold pattern to your kitchen while keeping the overall design relatively simple. The patterned cement tile floor has a grounding effect, but it also gives this black and white kitchen the perfect dose of playfulness.

You can see more of Kate’s kitchen (and also of her whole house, which is equally lovely) in the new issue of Domino, and also on her blog at Wit & Delight.

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